Monday, 2 March 2009


Architectural conglomerate and serial defacer of British cities Archial has recently rebranded, but it hasn't stopped them building nonsense like this wherever they find an opportunity. Any picture of a new building that is taken with the camera pointing upwards (to convey the thrusting dynamism of the architecture) is not to be trusted.
I haven't seen this building in reality, but I hope this is it's bad side. The ashlar stonework (a solid material) walls are expressed as planes (amplifying their thinness and lack of structural intent) in a completely unintentional paradox that would drive Archial's best out of their tiny minds if they could only get their heads around it. I can't be arsed to tell you any more about why this is so bad.
Luckily, though, Cameron Walker, director at Archial Architects, can explain the architectural intent of this monstrosity for our edification. “Designed to allow flexibility and sub-division of floor plates, the development was aimed at occupiers requiring 10,000 sq ft upwards, all benefiting from the impressive double height reception area, five high speed passenger lifts and 18 metre column free spans."

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