Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Pick Everard aren't the worst architects in the world. In fact, I'd say that many of their employees are not out to deliberately fuck places up. However, these drawings are singularly hateful pieces of work.
These drawings say: "Yes, I'm an architect, my father was an architect, and my architect wife and I will soon give birth to architect children. I can draw in this funny style, and as a result I have an overweening superiority complex. I think this complex comes from my undeniable dexterity at colouring in. I can also draw strange stick people in this style, and they are often accompanied by a child carrying a baloon. Clients enjoy these touches, despite the mockery the London elite lays on that kind of thing."
The author of these drawings should be reminded that they work for Pick Everard. And while this college in Grimsby might not end up being actually bad, it will be boring, mediocre and dull, and will look nothing like these drawings.


  1. Anyone can criticise, proof to the readers you can do better?

    We are all subject to having an opinion but you hide behind a user name on this website / blog. If you are so confident you opinion is worthy, lets us all have your name, and qualifications, you can’t be a professional acting in this manner.

    You are very bitter towards architects, perhaps this is linked to your own success or lack of it. What have you achieved in your life? What have you designed and built? Perhaps you’re not happy with our own results so you turn to criticising others. Are you an architect, engineer, planning officer or client?

    We can all design and all build things even children in a blue peter style, but this requires a positive attitude, it appears you do not have this.

    The reference to the family of architects isn’t the issue, why is this relevant? Perhaps this is linked to your own life; I suspect you have had problems historically with your family. I presume you have no friends or hobbies otherwise you wouldn’t have time for this type of communication. I predict you like the attention, just like the child screaming in a sweet shop. It leaves you no options but to tap your frustration out on the keyboard trying to justify your existence from the comfort of your desk.

    Like the child screaming in the sweet shop, some people listen, it’s the parent that disciplines the child. Perhaps you need discipline. Most children learn that if you are good and behaviour you get rewarded. Your blog seems to be very immature and like a comments we all experienced in the playground.

    Some people move on and grow up, it appears you have not. I suggest some counselling. Pick up the yellow pages and it will be under the letter C, this comes after the letter B, and B is after the letter A! I apologies but I read all your blogs and its seem as if a your are 6 years old. If you are 6 wait a few years until you have designed and procured a building. Try it one day, but give people with positive attitude a break. If you have nothing positive to say why say it?

    These types of drawings communicate the initial vision of the building at a very earlier stage. We see evidence the London elite do sketches. Foster, Hopkins, Rodgers, Hadid all start from sketches. Most projects evolve and buildings may differ from these sketches once they are built. This is evolution, which seems to be something you have missed. Grow up. Have you dropped the toys out of the pram again?

    You want to be the predator feeding on architects designs and drawing styles. Mother Nature sorts things out, like the dinosaurs they became extinct!

    Look to the future and leave this bitterness behind it isn’t healthy the construction industry doesn’t need any more beatings and the minute.

  2. Hey, "Just Me". If you knew what the fuck you are talking about you would have immediately identified those drawings as a cheap ripoff and defacement of Frank Lloyd Wright's watercolours. And I think it's sad to mix Wright with commercial drivel. But that's just me. "Just me". Get it? Ha-ha-ha!! Awesome.

  3. Well, "Just Me", your comment does rather prove the point about overweening superiority complexes.