Saturday, 7 March 2009


Here is a building demonstrating the average commercial architect's complete inability to deal with scale, composition, decorum, appropriateness, humanity or tact. The architect (or possibly year-out student) in charge of this project probably is very proud of the cladding. They may even have worked with a local artist on the pattern.
According to Wikipedia, Hickton Madeley has long experience designing prisons, a typology that they clearly feel has a lot of relevance to the architecture of a college. They should be ashamed of this building, which is more like a
lamé Ljubljanka than a seat of education to my eye.
SMC group, which owns Hickton Madely, is now called Archial and pretty much all the practices it has subsumed are rubbish, or have become rubbish since being eaten by SMC. It's a big, rebranded corporation with zero talent, and I will be proving that here over the next weeks and hopefully months.
Last thing. Press releases are full of lies. The project manager of this piece of vandalism says that 'it is exciting to be part of such an internationally acclaimed regeneration programme.' Where exactly is this international acclaim? I have searched the web and found no mentions of it in a positive light overseas. We all know press people are liars. I just want to point out that someone is reading their bullshit.

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