Saturday, 7 March 2009


We know lots of architects who could have fucked this building up pretty much as badly as this, but it appears that there was in fact no architect involved. John Sisk and Son Ltd was the contractor and, we assume, the designer too. I fucking hope I never find out that there was an architect involved in this, or I'll post this picture every day for a week with his or her name in big letters beneath it.
The fetching Easyjet orange livery is clearly some kind of corporate identity for Palletforce, the logistics company that occupies this £30 million, 340,000 sq ft eyesore. I particularly like the faux clerestory at the top. I bet the boardroom is right behind it. Fat fucks.


  1. It's actually a very good example of functional commercial architecture which has benefited the company in many more ways than the profit margins. Shame on you for judging on pure aesthetics alone; any good architect looks at the whole experience of the building not just the "tartan" exterior - which is actually a lot nicer than most of the "depo" architecture i have seen.