Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Spire Hospital is a national centre of excellence for 'cardiac, brain and spinal surgery', apparently. It's a private hospital, so it has loads of cash. But not only can they not afford an architect for their extension, but they don't pay their contractor enough to use a proper CAD package. Sketchup hell ensues.
As for the building itself, is it just me, or can I detect influences of Elizabethan theatre architecture in the above picture? In any case, it will win the award for 'greatest number of differently pitched roofs in the smallest possible building'.
Whereas this part of the extension adopts a more modern idiom, the image excelling in expressing just how bad the chequerboard cladding will look on completion. The roof appears to be made of corrugated iron.
There was one architect involved in this, as planning consultant: Turley Associates, you are hereby named and shamed for your part in this atrocity.


  1. Is there a damn building that you admire?! My brother is a top architect with designs in the Midlands such as Nottingham Uni to be completed and he'd love this blog.

    All hail shit architecture.

  2. To be fair, the original building sucks so hard that anything that hides it has to be good, well almost anything. How did this POS ever get planning?

    You could always ask them I suppose :-)

  3. I used to work at this place and there is one thing you all need to realise about spire, their "motto" is "looking after you", that is bullshit all the company want is ££££ and that is it. the amount of times i witnessed the management of this so called hospital cut the biggest of corners in order to save a bit of money it was unbelievable!! throughout the whole construction process of this new build, the hospital carried out operations even when builders were working in the same department creating significant amounts of dust. so my advice to you all, stay clear of the place unless you want to come out more worse off than when you went in. thanks.

  4. I can't understand why their being so tight arse on there use of windows....? why , why they no like the light !